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Why Choose Heron

Our Goal

Here at Heron pest and wildlife solutions, it is our goal to first and foremost serve you, our customer and to keep you out of harm’s way. That means that your safety is always our top priority. We know that having a wild animal either inside of your home or on your property can be quite alarming and can potentially be detrimental to your family’s health. Because of this, we will always respond to your wildlife emergency with urgency. We have a full administrative staff that are well equipped and to take your phone call as well as schedule your appointment. We also have licensed and trained wildlife removal technicians or as we like to call them “Wildlife Professionals” that have the proper knowledge and skill sets to safely remove any animals from your property. Our technicians are background checked, must regularly pass all state required testing and have up to date state requirements and licensing. Heron Pest and Wildlife Solutions is a fully licensed and insured exclusion company. We are also environmentally conscience and care about the safety of all wildlife. It is also our goal to protect any wildlife that we find and to also ensure their health and safety as well. We understand that it is also our responsibility to safely relocate animals back into the wild from which they came. We will also help any hurt or orphaned animals in the best way that we can, by taking them to local rehabilitation centers for further medical care. By following these measures and by living up to our goals, we hope to do our part to help humanity and wildlife live together in perfect harmony…at least here in Central Florida.

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Our Promise To You

Heron Pest and Wildlife Removal will back any exclusion work, performed by us, on any property. Also, for any customers that choose to participate, we offer a 100% 3 YEAR WARRANTY. Although we completely stand behind our work and know that our technicians are experts at removal and exclusion, we also know that critters are very clever and have mastered the art of “breaking and entering”, which means that they often find ways to re-enter a home or property. If this happens, Heron promises to come back out, at NO CHARGE to re-secure any areas that were previously repaired by us and that have been re-damaged. Our technicians will also do an annual walk-through of your property to ensure that there are no new points of entry or any areas that are in danger of being compromised by wildlife. Our goal is always to keep you and your family safe and free of pests.