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Annual Pest & Wildlife Prevention Program

Heron’s Pest and Wildlife annual maintenance program is a sure proof way to protect your home and family from invasive pests. Every year, Central Florida homeowners are forced to pay thousands of dollars in repairs due to damage that occurred from wildlife and / or rodents entering their homes. What a lot of people do not know is that rodent damage is NOT covered under home insurance. This means that you’re on your own when it comes to repairing any damage caused by these pests. Another fact that most people don’t know is that it only takes one rat nesting in your attic to cause major damage. Rodents and wildlife alike are notorious for nesting inside or underneath homes. In order to nest properly, these animals will find nearby debris and materials to build their refuge. While doing so, they will chew and pull on electrical wires, which can cause house fires; they’ll also gnaw on water pipes, which can cause flooding. Once inside their nesting areas they will also urinate and defecate, such as on attic or wall insulation and they may also spread diseases such as salmonella and Hantavirus. Not to mention that some wild animals also they carry fleas and ticks. All of these various scenarios are dangerous and unnecessary! By protecting yourself with our maintenance plan, you can rest assure that we will prevent and protect your home from any wildlife or rodent entry and we will always be here to help in case of an emergency. We’ve got your back.

Here’s what we do…

Once a year, our professional and licensed wildlife technicians will do a tedious and thorough 22 point inspection. This inspection will address any areas of concern or areas that are known to be used by wildlife as entry points and areas of potential habitation. If any animals are found or if any damage from the animals has occurred, we will promptly complete our exclusion procedure which will consists of removing the animal, sanitizing any areas where animals resided, and finally we will repair any damage.

Your annual maintenance also includes free follow ups if any are ever needed. We will also come out to check any traps that were left.

What does our 22 point inspection include?

Our 22 Point Inspection Includes thoroughly checking areas such as…

  • 1. Chimney Caps
  • 2. Roof Vents
  • 3. Roof tiles / shingles
  • 4. Fan Vents
  • 5. Fascia Boards
  • 6. Soffit & Soffit Vents
  • 7. Roof Flashing
  • 8. Utility Lines
  • 9. Louver Vents
  • 10. Siding
  • 11. Construction Gaps
  • 12. Fissures in Foundation Walls
  • 13. The Porch / Patio
  • 14. Deck
  • 15. Foundation Vents
  • 16. Pet Feeding Areas
  • 17. Garbage Areas
  • 18. Garden Areas & Fruit Trees
  • 19. Trees touching or near home
  • 20. Holes in Fencing
  • 21. Shrubbery
  • 22. Debris

Please feel free to call our office today with any further questions or to sign up for our maintenance program. Doing so can save you thousands in the future.