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Heron Cares: Animal Relocation & Rehabilitation

Our Duty to Nature

At Heron Pest and Wildlife Solutions it is our procedure and duty to first and foremost keep our customers out of danger by safely removing any wildlife that is residing on their properties or that has invaded their homes. Secondly, it is also our duty to see to it that any animals that we capture are safely removed, relocated and released out of harm’s way and back into nature where they belong. In addition, we understand, and hope you will too, that while these animals are taking up shelter in a place where they should not be, such as your home, that they are only seeking out these locations because their natural habitats have become overcrowded with residential neighborhoods and/or commercial properties.

With that in mind, we vow to always see to it that our furry (and sometimes scaly) friends are well taken care of after they have been removed from your homes. It is our promise that we will never release an animal into the wild if it has been hurt, injured or abandoned. We are happy to say that we have partnered up with local, non-profit organizations that specialize in the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned animals. If at any time, one of our wildlife technicians removes a hurt or abandoned animal, he / she will promptly and safely transport the animal to these local organizations for further rehabilitation and care. The animal will be nursed back to health until it is ready to be released back into the wild.

Heron Pest and Wildlife Solutions cares about the well being of all wildlife and understands that each animal plays an important role in our ecosystem, whatever their roles may be. We promise to simultaneously do our best to not only protect our customers and keep them out of harm’s way but to also strive to preserve nature and all of its curiously cumbersome creatures.

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