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Our Guarantee to You

It is our main goal to always provide you, our customer with top quality service and complete satisfaction with our work. That is why we not only promise to back our work 100% but to also be there whenever you need us. If the occasion presents itself that after we (a.) trapped an animal on your property and your home was re-infested by either the same animal or one of its kind or (b.) after we completed exclusion work at your home, your home was then re-infested by a similar animal of its kind and our original exclusion work was tampered with, we will come back free of charge to re-trap any animal(s) or repair any work that was originally completed by us. As always, our goal is for you to be happy and for your home to be free of pests.

Our guarantees include:

  1. ANIMAL TRAPPING – If within 60 days of Heron trapping an animal on your property, a reinfestation of the same target animal occurs, we will resume with our trapping efforts until said animals are trapped and removed from the property and the home is deemed safe. This will be of no cost to you, the customer.
  2. DAMAGE TO PRIOR EXCLUSION WORK PERFORMED BY HERON – If any new damage occurs to exclusion work that was performed by Heron within 180 days of the work being completed, Heron will return back to the home to make any necessary repairs and / or corrections. We will also, at that time, set up traps to capture or remove any animals that are currently present in the home or whom may also have caused the new damage.

If you have any further questions or would like to set up a FREE inspection, please call 1-800-814-3766.