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Bat Removal & Control

BatIn Florida, all species of bats are federally protected. It is illegal to disturb a bat population or “colony” during the mating season and young rearing time of the year. Bat exclusion is ONLY allowed during the period of August 15th through April 15th. During the “no contact” period, it is illegal to do bat exclusion of any type on any structure, even if it’s an emergency area not currently being used. By law, customers also, are not allowed to disturb bat colonies during the “no contact” period.

Exclusion for other animals can be completed as long as it does not disturb a bat colony.

During the exclusion season, all Bat exclusion work must be done at night, while the bats have vacated the harborage area for night feeding.
Once the bats have left the premises, Heron will come behind them and place a screen over the entrances that they’ve been using. The next morning, we will permanently exclude those areas so no wildlife will be able to get back in. Our procedures are safe and do not harm the bats. It is never recommended that any homeowner try to remove or capture any bats. Always call a professional that is aware of Florida’s rules and regulations.

Interesting Fact

It is illegal to capture and release one single bat that has entered the living space of a structure at any time of the year. The bat must be carefully captured while it is resting, moved to a shaded area on the property and then released.