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Welcome to Heron Pest & Wildlife Solutions!

squirrel Hello Central Florida and welcome to the Heron Pest and Wildlife Solutions website! Just to familiarize you with Heron, we’ve been in business for over a decade offering our customers top quality pest control services as well as termite and mosquito control, lawn and shrub care, irrigation repair and irrigation maintenance. Because we quite often run across homeowners who have had or are having wildlife issues, we decided to make it a duty of ours to not only offer a complete home protection package but to also help in every way that we possibly can. With that being said, Heron is happy to now offer an entire wildlife solutions package!

Our Service Include:

  • Animal Removal
  • Animal Clean up & Sanitation
  • Attic Decontamination
  • Animal Exclusion & Repairs
  • Pest Control Insulation
  • Annual Maintenance Program

Animal Trapper – Serving all of Central Florida

We are able to remove animals such as: Armadillos, bats, birds, bobcats, moles, opossums, raccoons, rodents, skunks, snakes, squirrels and more. Once we remove the animal, our trained and licensed claim-offertechnicians will thoroughly clean and sanitize areas where any animals may have been residing. If any damage has occurred to those areas or if we find any points of entry, we are also able to repair those areas and close off any open or potential points of entry. If any further work is needed at that time or if there is any attic damage, we are also able to replace any ruined or soiled insulation and do a complete sanitization process to ensure that any harmful diseases will be eradicated as well as any foul odors removed.

Heron Cares, We Capture and Release

Heron is also happy to announce that we will be working with local animal rehabilitation organizations. If we ever find any hurt or orphaned wildlife on a property, we will promptly take those animals to one of our partners to be further cared for and nursed back to health until they are able to be properly released back into the wild. See our Animal Relocation page for more information.

We believe that it is not only our duty to keep homeowners safe and out of harms way by removing any wildlife and / or wildlife remnants that could be potentially hazardous to one’s health but to also safely place any able wildlife back into nature where they belong. After all, this is one planet and we all have to live on it harmoniously together.

If you have any further questions or need immediate assistance regarding an animal on your property, please call 1.407.792.6879

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